Hi readers (aka the most beautiful, intelligent individuals with the greatest of taste),

You may have noticed that I renamed my blog. Scribbles & Scrabbles was something I came up with spur of the moment so I had always planned on renaming once I started to figure out what I was interested in writing and including on this page. I chose Wily&Wordy cause I feel like it embodies my style of writing. When I think of Wily my mind goes to Wile E. Coyote, a fellow fool who continues chasing something with complete conviction and constantly fucks up along the way but hey, at least he’s trying. And the wordy portion comes from the fact that I have always struggled with being succinct. As such, my attempts at poetry have been reviewed by my peers as ‘something I would have written in elementary school’. Lastly, I love alliteration and I think ampersands look cool. So sue me.

The URL to my site will remain the same for the time being cause I am not tech savvy enough to figure out how to change it at the moment.

So thanks for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy Wily&Wordy.

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