Sweet or Savory

Jess : Ugh I’ve been thinking about this brunch all week.

Caroline: Same here. I’m also gonna let you know that if mimosas are really only a dollar, I’m ordering at least 4.

Jess: Yaaassss.

Caroline: What do I want to eat though? Like do I want to go sweet or savory?

Jess: Mmmm, the great brunch conundrum. I already know I want eggs Benedict though, let’s be honest.

Caroline: Old reliable. I might do the same. Buuut they also have lemon ricotta pancakes. And oh my God, zucchini bread French toast.

Jess: Those do sound amazing.

Greta: Hi ladies, my name’s Greta, I’ll be serving you today. Can I get you started with some drinks?

Jess: Mimosa please.

Caroline: Same here. Just keep ‘em coming.

Greta: Will do. I’ll be right back with those.

Jess: So how’s work?

Caroline: Same old, same old. I don’t know, I’m just frustrated. I overheard that tool I work with, Bradley, bragging that he just hit a six figure salary.

Jess: Ew Braaadley. Didn’t you start with that guy?

Caroline: Yeah, the same day.

Jess: And he’s making six figures? You guys have only been working there four years.

Caroline: Yeah but in finance you can start making a lot of cash right out the gate.

Jess: So, and I don’t wanna pry, but I’m assuming you are not making as much as him?

Caroline: Nope, not even close.

Jess: Why though? You guys both do the same thing.

Caroline: I don’t know. It’s stupid.

Jess: Have you asked for a raise?

Caroline: No. Aw man, eggs Bennie or pancakes. Ugh, and they have corned beef hash. This is just so hard.

Jess: Wait though, why haven’t you asked for a raise if you know your co-workers are making more than you?

Caroline: I just, I don’t want them to hold it against me later.

Jess: Well yeah that would suck if they did but I still think it’s worth a shot.

Caroline: I guess. It’s just that recently another female co-worker asked for a raise and it got out to a bunch of the company and even the women I thought were super progressive were gossiping behind her back saying shit like, “she should be grateful they let her work abroad and blah blah blah, she can’t keep demanding things”. I mean the woman was basically running an entire department in a different country.

Greta: Here are your mimosas, ladies. Are you all ready for food?

Jess: I am.

Caroline: Uh, sorry, I’m still deciding.

Greta: That’s alright, take your time.

Caroline: Thanks. I just need a few more minutes.

Jess: Wow, yeah that thing with your co-worker’s awful. I still think you should ask for the raise though. If I could get a six figure salary and all I had to do was deal with some office gossip, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Caroline: I just don’t want the managers to get this idea in their head that I’m a presumptuous little diva.

Jess: Caroline, it’s not fair that your male counterpart is making more than you.

Caroline: I know but how do I bring that up in a meeting?

Jess: You say, “it’s not fair that my male counterpart is making more than me.”

Caroline: But then they’d ask me how I know that.

Jess: So?

Caroline: I’d have to rat out Bradley.

Jess: Uh, yeah, and it sounds like he’s the worst and deserves it.

Caroline: But you don’t get it, the managers will then give him a talking to and I’ll become the office bitch.

Jess: That’s stupid. Also, I’m so hungry. Have you picked something yet?

Caroline: Um yeah, I’ll pick something, sorry. Hey, if I get the lemon ricotta pancakes, can I give you half and you share your eggs Bennie?

Jess: No. You’re my closest friend and I love you to death but I work at a preschool and had to save for a couple of weeks so I could treat myself to eggs Benedict and $1 mimosas and I want all of it.

Caroline: Fine.

Greta: Hi ladies, are you ready?

Caroline: Sorry, just one more second, literally.

Jess: Well, not literally, but yeah another minute would be good.

Caroline: I just feel like you’re judging me right now for not wanting to deal with office politics.

Jess: I get that I don’t understand the office environment but it frustrates me to hear you complain about things that you can change.

Caroline: I guess…

Jess: Do you know what you want to eat? She’s coming back.

Caroline: Yep.

Greta: Are you all ready?

Caroline: Yes, she’s going to get an eggs Benedict. And so am I. And a serving of lemon ricotta pancakes please.

Greta: Sounds great, I’ll have that right up.

Caroline: I’ve got your food, by the way.

Jess: Seriously?

Caroline: Yeah.

Jess: Are you sure?

Caroline: Yes, it’s not a big deal.

Jess: Well thank you. And I’m sorry for being so blunt.
Caroline: It’s alright. I needed it.

Jess: Also, did you hear Kylie Jenner is pregnant?

Caroline: WHAT? Oh my God, tell me more.



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